Are you looking for something? Diving and soaring across the sky, finding yourself

Are you looking for something? Diving and soaring across the sky, finding yourself

Joey  said, “Sometimes I feel like I need to do something different with my life. The same old day to day happenings are not where I want to be. I need a challenge right now. Something that I always wanted to do but haven’t done yet. I have this list somewhere safe! I believe that you have to change it up every so often to make life fresh and new.”





Sally  said with a smile, ” Yes, I know what you mean Joey . I am trying to spend more time alone to learn about myself and the direction in life I want to take. I seem to have a problem with being on my own. I am working hard at  trying to get to know myself.”

Are you waiting for something good to come into your life? Well, that is probably not going to happen so you need to get out there and do something that propels you.

You will know the moment that you find  the special challenge and you may wonder why you have not challenged yourself before this time.

You  will also know what it is that will make you feel more complete and whole again.
And if you are living in bliss, you will not relate to the looking for life motivation because you already have it but you may also have something unfinished that drives you.
What is it?
Whatever you are thinking about make sure you practice, learn lessons related to your new challenge and do not ever give up seeking whatever it is that you need to keep you balanced in mind, body and spirit.

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