Roads of Silent Times

Take a ride on a steam train and embrace the day as you do every day of your life

Take a ride on a steam train and embrace the day as you do every day of your life

Gloria spoke of many places she had been; the beautiful blue seas and hot days of the summers on the west coast, but in life  her favorite place was here in the moment with her family.






Gloria was a kind, giving person who was like an angel; soft and refreshing to be around; her smile changed your mood immediately as you sat by her listening to stories of good times in life.

Remember that places are just that; things to see and do, but they pass by and you are left with your alone time, spending it well or wasting it on stressful happenings that are not what you want or need to do with your life.

Be Silent for a moment

Take silence as a lesson on doing things right today.
Think about what you are doing and do what is best for you.
Is it time to think about where you are going; placing you as a priority on your time and peaceful being.
Having awesome moments may be hard to do right now, but it is what you should be doing.
Silent times help to clear the soul; giving you more time to spend with others who are giving.
You know what to do; finding yourself behind that smile, wanting more out of life.

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