Soul Sweetness

Kicking your feet to the beat of a nice tune

Kicking your feet to the beat of a nice tune


When I think about you the vision of a harmonica comes to mind; seeing you play those blues tunes that linger in my heart center; tapping your foot and smiling. Those days are past now but the visions sweeten my soul.










Music soothes the soul as it rides across your face, opening your ears to soul sweetness. Music changes everything; making you feel like the moment, not too far in the past or moving to fast into the future.
Every day I listen to the soul sweet tunes that make me rock and roll; slightly swaying and bobbing to every note.
Tap your feet to a good tune when you want to forget about what is troubling you today.

Loving music has brought so much to my life; stopping me from ruminating on things I need to put to the side. Bringing on a soft, smooth feeling of  white light that rides through my body, electrifying my life.

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