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Feeling that warm embraceable you

Feeling that warm embraceable you







Someone asked me, “What are you looking for, you seem to be searching for something in life?”
I replied, “What else is there in life but a search for beauty, joy and love?”
So I keep on looking for that perfect sunset, feeling those warm hugs that send energy through my entire body, smelling the roses and laughing at myself for not beginning this search sooner.
Every time I see the sun shine, I take a walk.
Every time I think a positive thought, I smile, shoving those negative thoughts away from my heart center and continuing my search for beauty, joy and love.
Colorful scenes come into my mind during my search with visions of yellows, greens and pinks guiding me toward a field of spring flowers to bask in today.
And when those bad days do happen all I have to do is remember that the good days outnumber the not so good days.

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