Come up for air




You may think that things crash for you every once in awhile but if you really think about it, there are so many nice things in life that happen, and you may be missing them because you are not looking deep enough.












When you look up you see those beautiful white fluffy clouds surrounded by a deep blue edge that feels soft and touchable.
When you look down take a look at each pebble that you step on, believe it or not most stones are colorful reminders that the world is full of pinks, blues, reds, greens and yellows.
The deepness of the sea tells us that life is unending. Think about when you are underwater; floating effortlessly and caressing the water, pushing against it as you come up for air.
Dee was a wanderer,┬ácaressing life with her mind, body and soul, and she would often say, “Come up for air just for a moment and see what is before you. Maybe its looking at that special person in your life, the curve of their face, their bright blue eyes or the way that they tell you I love you.”

Find your embrace today. Maybe it is that special person, but maybe it is a something new that you have not experienced yet. Take that walk to nowhere, finding your somewhere that feels wondrous.

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