Wake up



Stop dreaming for a moment and wake up.
Dreams can be captivating but reality needs some time too.
Stop and think before you get wrapped up in those small things that you make bigger by ruminating on them and dreaming about them.
Don’t get me wrong, dreams are great.
Dreams help to center your mind, body and spirit; casting life into your many selves.
And when you have a good idea; dreaming can manifest something even better to come.
The problem with most of us is that we do the same thing with the bad things that happen to us, or the decisions we have to make that are hard.
It is a good thing to struggle with decisions.

You will learn to make better ones when you practice making some bad ones.
Listen to others who have done what you are doing. Maybe they made a good decision or bad decision with the same difficulty you are having.
Love yourself, and know that it is okay to not always do the right thing.
Sometimes you have to make the wrong decision before you can get back on your path.
Stay awake and meditate.
You struggle less when you are calm, centered and still.

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