Are you looking for that perfect time?

I look for perfection and the higher I climb the more perfect things I see

I look for perfection and the higher I climb the more perfect things I see

Perfect love…
Whatever you are searching for in perfection, it is probably right in front of you.
That person who would be perfect for you may be closer than you have ever imagined.
That perfect time is any time, this moment is perfection.

Right now when I feel soft, balanced and strong, it is a perfect moment.

It is all about your perception; perfect places, perfect people do not exist, and to you a perfect place may be different from mine. Striving to find that perfect place or person may be exhausting, especially when things are already unfolding before you.

Sometimes I feel like I push too much; looking for things that make my life complete, but it already is.

I  have seen good and bad times; walking, crawling and running in the darkness toward that light; through the tunnel, trying to find where I am supposed to be and then I see clear and perfect moments; that moment where I know I am right where I am supposed to be.

I  have already crossed over to better times and I am beginning to look forward instead of back; finding perfection in that cup of coffee with a friend, moments with my daughters and sons along with trying some challenging things in life.

And in the perfect moment I know that I need to be thankful of how it is right now.


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