What to do with tears

Everyone tells me that tears are cleansing

Stand strong like a tree

Stand strong like a tree

Your body rids itself gracefully with tiny tears or large tears pouring down.
And they are warm, salty and refreshing after you have a good cry but sometimes there are too many tears.
Emotional states in our lives create those tearful times and you will find that they come and go but not before there is readiness to move on.


Begin to be patient with yourself; waiting for those tears to go away when it is time.
You will walk through your time in life with tears on and off like great faucets that you may feel you have no control of.
Sometimes you do have and sometimes you do not have control of things that happen to you in life.
So take those times that you do have control of; wiping away the tears if you have to and be strong like a great tree; bending, swaying and grounding yourself down to the earth as you walk with shoulder back and head straight with a smile.

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