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My place has a shiny glow where everyone is singing their special song

My place has a shiny glow where everyone is singing their special song

Staying in one spot it just as bad as moving too quickly.
How do you figure out what the best thing is for you?
If you move along quickly through a journey that has been a struggle, people say that you are moving too fast or  if you stay too long, feeling the pain, grief and sorrow, many feel that you are drowning yourself in self-pity.
I believe that there is a middle.
A place where you go when things are not going well.
It is that place in your heart center where everything seems to be balanced, and even if it is not, you make the minor adjustments that you need to make in order to allow the pendulum to swing toward the center.




You will  find that happy medium place where everything is good enough for you to move on. Because nothing is perfect; imperfections and flaws are what we need to be human.

Those funny lips, that crooked smile are all part of you. Minor flaw-like wonders that make our world a wonderful place to.

Allow others to see your assets and flaws so that you understand how important it is not to reach toward a perfect moment.



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