Feels like a miracle

All of a sudden without warning Gloria found peace

Good childhood memories bring you to a time where you smile and feel that blissful moment in time

Good childhood memories bring you to a time where you smile and feel that blissful moment in time

It was blissful and blue skied with bits of white clouds that streamed through the horizon, and Gloria knew there was some intervention from above, perhaps a miracle that she was here in this moment in time, being rescued from the harshness of some past events.

She said with a smile on her face as she spoke to an old friend, ” It must be a miracle to be back to where I started from.”


Gloria was circling back in time to a loving place of peace and harmony. “This awe moment happened to me today and I realized that I was back to my old self again. A friend told me that it would be a sudden flash of inner peace as I recognized I was okay again. Back to the way I used to be without the tears; strong, sturdy and flexible, rising high and looking up to see this miracle of living life well in mind, body and soul.”



Grateful and loving times
In this loving place in the heart, everyone  Gloria met helped her move on; the old neighbors that she had not seen for many years and the new people  who introduced Gloria back into the neighborhood were all there with kind words and deeds.

They all became guides for Gloria to follow; learning how to live again with herself. Alone but not alone because in Gloria’s heart center was a giant balancing beam that kept her straight, flexible and harmonious.

Her recent encounter with an old friend gave her new hope and the ability to put things into the past basket.

Sherrie said, ” That was God.

He intervened; bringing you to a place where you could heal.”



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