New Stories

New stories are recreated by you and your motivation to keep harmony and balance in your life

practice being like a vine growing stronger each day; hanging on to reach high with stamina and grace

practice being like a vine growing stronger each day; hanging on to reach high with stamina and grace


Every day brings with it a fresh start where you can create your next page in life.

Yesterday’s page is gone with the wind, and may circle back some day but for now is the past; keeping it there is where you are right now.

Do not live life with sadness from past events that you have no control over; live for this day, right now in this very moment in time.

You can start your day with newness in every step; bringing some peace and harmony into your heart center.





Your center is important to you; keeping you balanced and alive with a bounce in your step, straight shoulders and head looking forward. In your newness you have a broad smile on your face and feel joy all the way down to your toes.




Bring on those meaningful days!

Do something right now that will bring a meaningful moment to yourself with the added benefit of bringing on a powerful message to others.

My Story
My story of the past is gone, and although it brought with it some tearful and sad moments, it passes along the path as if it never happened.

Before those past, painful events become a blurry picture, you should put them in a place of peace; somewhere in your mind’s eye where they are not easily drawn upon; replaced with a joyful event such as the birth of your first child.

Turning the page

Go to your next page in life; writing down some of the meaningful, purposeful and special things you have not completed yet. This next chapter in your life can be very new and exciting; bringing with it much joy and inner peace.
And you can do it; create something important and meaningful for yourself with the added benefit of sharing the new you with others who may benefit from your joy, happiness and gratitude about life and how it unfolds.

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