With hope in your heart

Continue onward with hope in your heart because that may be all that there is right now

Capture those tiny bits of sunshine in your day and see through the shadows of living life hopefully

Capture those tiny bits of sunshine in your day and see through the shadows of living life hopefully

And that is the way it is; in the moment you can be hopeful if you do not look too far ahead or too far in the past.

Hope brings on healing energy 
Hopeful and healing waves of energy slip around you; holding you grounded to the earth. The Universe opens to you; letting you into a bright star of hopeful living. You see the light before you knowing that cloudy and rainy days will pass because life has its yin and yang. Positive and negative moments that you control.

Your Heart Center awakens
Press on your heart center right now to get the energy you need to take another step toward wellness in mind, body and spirit.
Your path may be a bit bumpy but that is good because it gives you the challenge that you need today.
Do not fight back the tears of living because they need to be shed to allow some good and hopeful waves of energy to enter.

And the positive will come back to you in many waves of energy through yourself and others that you tap into for healing powers. They are there for you today; waiting for your call or calling out to you in different ways.

Do not go it alone; you need others to surround you in hopeful and optimistic waves of energy that are powerful and healing.

Bring your confidence back into your heart center; standing tall with shoulders back and head straight ahead.

And walk your walk; a slow and steady gait that others notice and say, “She is such a strong person who can gather positive energy no matter what the consequences.”

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