Raindrops and Teardrops

Walk in the rain when there  is a foggy type of sprinkle; touching  you with  softness but not getting you wet

Rain makes everything in life greener. And tears clear the soul; opening it deeper

Rain makes everything in life greener. And tears clear the soul; opening it deeper

In and out of the raindrops today; sometimes soft and mellow.

A warm glow flows from the droplets letting you know that it is summertime. A frosty raindrop is not soothing like the warm drops in the summer months.
Just like yin and yang; sometimes droplets are good but sometimes it is too much and you catch yourself running in and out of stormy times.

Tears and Raindrops
And like the droplets from your eyes when you are sad, raindrops have the goodness of being able to brighten up the flowers and grasses. Just after the rain you can smell the sweetness and hear the birds singing their special songs.




Teary Times
Tears are much the same as raindrops; comforting you sometimes and sending you to a spot deep into your spirit where things are clear, calm and centered.
But tears can also send you into a negative state of mind where you may want to feel sorry for yourself. If you get caught in the trap of feeling like raindrops and tears are sorrowful, move along to a better place in your heart center where everything is clear with no need for tears in the moment.

I am a believer that tears help; washing away things in your mind’s eye that help you to move past sorrowful times. Off you go after a good cry to a smiling and hopeful way once again.

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