Let go

When you let go things change for you

Looking past the obvious beauty in life to the green beyond where you usually glance

Looking past the obvious beauty in life to the green beyond where you usually glance


Letting go brings you strength and balance.

You can no longer cling  and hold on because clinging to things that are no longer yours brings about pain and loss of energy.
It may take some practice to bring about a letting go attitude in your life; taking away some things that may not be too important to you and then adding the more complicated items that you feel are treasures in your life.


Find ways to rid yourself of those complicated ways and move toward a simple, healing way about yourself.

Simple is better; allowing for clarity and room to stretch and strengthen your body, mind and soul.

Give your soul some food for thought by doing some challenging things that bring love into your heart and soul.

Give your body an extra round of exercises to get things moving; allowing for a flow of positive energy that wakes you up every day.

Live and grow each day with some powerful readings on topics that interest you; bringing about clarity that moves you forward instead of back in time.

Know that you have a limited time on this earth, make it a happy time filled with pleasures, love caring and giving.


Change something about yourself right now that brings you this thought, I can move on and make changes that benefit me and those around me.


Give to yourself first because you cannot benefit anyone else if you are not strong. Then send out your powerful energy to others with a touch, hug, smile and kind words.

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