Add a movement and momentum to your day by finding something in your vision to do with yourself that takes the entire day. Not work but working in the garden could be an idea. And movement can include some relaxation along with it. Dancing, prancing, swimming and relaxing all become part of a wonderful day with the added benefit to your mind, body and soul.


People go to the beach to relax; soaking in the sea air and breathing long, deep breaths

People go to the beach to relax; soaking in the sea air and breathing long, deep breaths

Find a challenge that takes you to a greater level and find the flow you may be missing lately. It sounds a bit scary to just pick up a paint brush and paint your first picture, but it is a beginning.

I always found boating and fishing fun because of the lullĀ  of quiet surrounding me but some people find it boring because it is an activity with inactivity in it. If you grasp on to the fun of relaxation you will begin to love just being in water surrounded by what seems to be a rocking and rolling wave of energy.


Have some beginnings today that include someone else in your scope who can help you drive that momentum to a soaring level.

When you find your way to this flowing time today you will be amazed at how much fun you are having in this moment in time.

Begin to make some changes in your flow and accept some of the things in life that may not being going as planned because there may be something wonderful on the other side of something that is unpleasant right now.

Find ways to smile in difficult times because before you know it the smile becomes a genuine one that you can savor the entire day.


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