When Darkness comes in

There will always be darkness and light in your life

When I want to feel better, I act as if…

I act as if I am feeling fine even if I am not.

The reason I act as if…  is because it really does help to practice feeling well. When you are in the role of an actor you will find that you can be whoever you want to be.

Spring blooms relentlessly dance on their branches waiting to turn into beautiful red flowers

Spring blooms relentlessly dance on their branches waiting to turn into beautiful red flowers

When you feel dark inside, bring in some light with a positive thought and then follow it up with some positive behaviors throughout the day. Stop and see a friend, take a walk and nod at people you walk by; giving them acknowledgment and a smile.

Look at the new yellow and red blooms of spring on the trees lighting your way toward warmer weather.

Feelings, thoughts and behaviors
You will always have feelings and thoughts that bring you to a black moment but it does not have to stay that way.
You can push things through to the light of day with just a thought that brings on a warm moment; simmering through your body from your head to your toes and then sending the energy you make to others who may need a positive moment.


Bringing energy back to you
When you get that warm feeling back into your life, keep it there  long enough to bring about lightness and a carefree moment.

Do you remember those carefree moments you used to have where you were humming and smiling for no reason at all? Well those moments had a reason, you were happy and content about where you were at the time. Bring yourself back to some of those moemnt
Like a beautiful melody you become that song that lingers in your mind and you can carry the tune throughout the day every time darkness appears before you.

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