I find messages everywhere

Crows calling out that spring is here. Hear their voices strong and centered; letting you know they are here

Crows calling out that spring is here. Hear their voices strong and centered; letting you know they are here

My mother is my primary messenger; bringing me hopeful thoughts, positive moments and a guiding way that puts a smile on my face.
Found her watch a week ago; an old one that she used to wear. I love it because it just slips on and off, unlike my other watches. When I looked at the watch on my wrist I thought only of mom, so I thought I should get it fixed.

Fixing old things
When I took it to the jeweler I did not expect it to work but it does. The jeweler was persistent in finding just the right battery to make it work and it does work well.


Honoring mom
I raised my head to the sky thanking mom when the battery was intact and I was on my way wearing this beautiful watch ever since.
And the positive power coming from the watch is a healing message for me from mom on persistence in my life.

Persistently Loving myself
Mom was a persistent soul who stayed strong and planted in the ground no matter what the circumstances and I am the same today. You always knew that she loved you with her smiling ways; constantly pampering you in loving ways with food and good thoughts. She loved herself and her life, even though it was a difficult one. She always wanted us to know how she felt; reaching out to each of us in her special, healing ways.

Waiting for good times

Today I wait for good things to come to me instead of pushing too hard or clinging too much to old ways and old habits that may not be working well for me now.

I want to stop clinging to the past; moving on with life and finding peace.

There are many changes in my life right now, and those changes are becoming the normal way in my daily steps. I used to think you had to know everything that was going to happen so that you can plan.

Now I know that planning can wait until the moment is in the here and now.
Not knowing what is going to happen next is a good thing; becoming a solid ground for me and allowing patience and softness to come my way.

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