What I do not know

What do you know about yourself?

Spirit is in the snowy trees, softly guiding you to learn about your inner soul. Giving you intuition, love and harmony

Spirit is in the snowy trees, softly guiding you to learn about your inner soul. Giving you intuition, love and harmony

It is good to understand that there will always be things in your life that you do not know. You may gather some understanding of  concepts that guide you but you really do not know everything about life and you may need to stop the struggle.


Find ways to be alright about what you do not know, especially related to future happenings because you can plan a lot of things that may or may not happen. And it is good to have goals and adventures in life, but you cannot predict the outcome and that is okay because challenges are good for you.


Think about your spirit; deep down inside of your heart center; there you will have a better understanding of life, sadness, staying centered, joyful moments and concentrating on the now of living.
Your Body Center
You know that your body moves even with its aches and pains. You know when you are flexible, and feeling strong. You know when you pass into the inflexible moments and how to take care of your body, and if you do not, you will be on the mend many times in life.

Your Emotional Center
You may know a lot about your emotions. Some of us know how to settle down, ride the wave of tears; exploring  many emotional states of happiness, joy and of course sadness and despair. Some people  find that emotions seem to control  their lives and  search for some stability and relief in optimistic and motivating prose to develop strong healing and energizing way that settle down the emotions.

Your Spiritual Center
And then there is your spirit. This spiritual center is your hub. It connects everything in your many selves. And spirit will guide you once you know how strong it really is, and its ability to let you in to see things that you do not know.

Sprit is there in your times of need; those times filled with sorrow and grief, along with those times of love, joy and happiness. And sometimes when your emotional state gives up on you, spirit takes over and puts your faith to the divine within yourself; this divinity becomes your heart center with balance to guide you into things you need to know to help you pass through this moment in time.

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