This present moment

Bring  presence into your life by being still for a moment and breathing  light into your soul. Sit in meditation with your legs folded in easy pose (cross-legged)  and your hands, palms up above your knees catching energy from the Universe. Close your eyes for a moment and concentrate only on slowing yourself down right now in the moment. Stay here for what may seem like a long time but it is not. Do this practice every day upon waking and your calmness, mellow thoughts and balance will be yours for this present moment in time.

Remembering some things from your past like an old wooden sled that can bring you back to this present, hopeful moment

Remembering some things from your past like an old wooden sled  can bring you back to this present, hopeful moment


You know where that place is; deep down inside of you there is a soft place and it  is  coming out to tell you to be quiet, still and listen. You will begin to hear those inner voices telling you softly to just be.
And when you are present, in harmony, just being soft and kind, you begin to be grateful; honoring every moment.
Only then will you be willing to change yourself; when readiness is there in front of you because you have found this moment where  your eyes are closed and you feel a soft smile coming. And this grin is your first wake- up call; telling you to be present and patient with yourself.


And you will wonder why you have not gotten in touch with soulful ways before this moment because now you are at peace and patient.

For the first time you realize that patience truly is a virtue that you need to develop in order to become one in mind, body and soul.

You remember this moment so very clearly; clarity of thought and purpose begins to come your way because you have moved past the struggles with negativity and now are at peace in positive moments.


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