Passing through to spirit


We traveled to  Pennsylvania one hot long summer day to see my husband’s uncle. He and his wife lived on a farm in an area of Pennsylvania that was rural and full of beautiful landscapes and old relics, including themselves. I was with my husband and his brother who believed that their dad’s brother would not be with us much longer, so we traveled from New York to Pennsylvania on one of the hottest days of the summer.

There was so much for me to see and I brought my camera to guide me through the beauty of the land; taking pictures to take back and cherish.

The Hummingbirds coming along with their bright and buzzing ways

The Hummingbirds coming along with their bright and buzzing ways

Today I heard that my husband’s uncle had passed and I know that he was in his nineties so he had many stories to tell us on our visit a few years ago.

I did not know him well, but I love the  people who are close to him and on this day I am sad to hear he is gone but I am also  smiling because he told me so very many stories about how long he has been on this earth.


He  told me a Hospice story about how the hospice nurse left he and his wife after they did not pass away, ” It is funny how things happen and when you are as old as me, you begin to realize that every moment is special. When Hospice figured out that I was not going to pass yet, they went away to wait for a time when we needed them to come.”

Reflections in the mirror of Hospice leaving their number

Reflections in the mirror of Hospice leaving their number


The family in Pennsylvania is closely knit; living on the same land with homes near each other so that they can keep one eye open to help out at a moment’s notice. And they all surrounded us when we came to their home, each of them telling stories of long ago and how important family is. It brought to mind my only family when I was a child; nana and papa living with us and then papa passing along to spirit. Those were the days when people really took care of each other.

So on this day of the passing of a man who stood strong and tall as he farmed his land and took care of his family, I would like to say, “Thank you for all that you do.”





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