Strengthening yourself

The holiday season brings about feelings of commitment, love, harmony and balance, but it may be a time of imbalance in your  life because you seem to have so very many things to do that you forget about what the holidays are all about. When you lose your way, begin to refocus on the true meaning of what the season is all about.

It is about loving, helping and caring for others. It is about having caring people around you who can bring you strength in times of need. It is about bringing strength and love to someone else who needs you today.

Many people wander through life believing that things do not need tending in their relationships, and then wonder why things went wrong. I am by no means an expert at how to keep a relationship strong, but I do know that sturdy weeds develop in between the flowers if you do not constantly weed your garden.

This time of year we hold on tightly to traditions that make us stronger. We should hang on to this kind of harmony and love all year

This time of year we hold on tightly to traditions that make us stronger. We should hang on to this kind of harmony and love all year

Putting Purpose into your life

My purpose in life is to strengthen myself and only then am I  able to give you strength when you fall down to the ground.

I am here on this earth to lift myself up so that I can help you when  you feel sad and lonely.

I become my own guide in the night holding that light ever so tightly in my arms so that I can also  guide you toward a better path when you feel lost because I am your partner, your friend; your love.

I promised to stay with you through the good and the bad, and now I am becoming the strong one. You have been my strength for a very long time, and it is my time to step up and be your strength during this time of sadness in your life.


When you promised yourself to your partner, it was for better or worse. Commitment to someone is always a 2 way street where you can get off the train at any juncture but where do you want to get off?

It seems that it is those who stay for the entire ride through the storms of life, come out the strongest, and with their strength are able to help others move through struggles and difficulties in life.

Being a good friend

And it is not just about romantic love; partnerships with others can lose their faith and strength, but if nourished can flourish and bloom. Be a good friend to someone today, offering a guiding hand of comfort.




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