Profound Calmness

Getting back to a calm you

If you want to get back to your inner self, you may need to start a meditation practice where you come to realize that stillness in what you need to get yourself into that mindful way and be able to just be without all the stress and anxiety.
I find that staying in asanas (yoga poses) that are deeply strengthening and soft bring me into a state of calmness and harmony.

My Practice of Meditative poses
I start out with 4 poses in mind for a 30 minute practice; staying in each for about 5 minutes, sometimes longer. It is good to start out with an easy pose such as cross-legged (also called easy pose).
I close my eyes place my hands on my knees, palms down first (to ground myself into the earth) and then I stay with palms up; catching all the positive energy from the universe with my palms open and receiving.

When you stop for a moment in a yoga pose you can find inner peace and harmony in that moment in time, and the longer you stay in the pose the more strength, flexibility and calmness you receive along with the benefit of the deep exercise.

It may not seem like you are exercising but later in the day your body may feel a bit sore like you have exercised vigorously a few hours before.


Life unfolds and we move along strong, centered and balanced

Life unfolds and we move along strong, centered and balanced













My 2 favorite poses are shoelace and child’s pose, and both of these poses are highly inductive to a meditative, healing way. When I sit in shoelace I am calm and centered, and when I place my head down for a moment onto my knees, I am ever stronger and more flexible; feeling my entire back release its stress to the Universe, and then I adjust and do shoelace on the other side. I stay focused in a meditative way, 5 minutes on each side.


As I move from shoelace into Child’s pose, my body begins to thank me for the peace of a mindful and relaxing pose.

For some relaxing, stress reducing times, I love child's pose.

For some relaxing, stress reducing times, I love child’s pose.








I begin to melt into the mat and listen to my inner spirit as it tells me to just be and concentrate only on my breath. Child’s pose is so relaxing; I stay for more than 5 minutes in this asana.

When I come up out of child’s pose I move into pigeon; a deep hip release is the benefit of this pose.

As you move into yoga asanas, be aware of your posture; shoulders are back and straight

As you move into yoga asanas, be aware of your posture; shoulders are back and straight

After staying in this pose for at least 5 minutes I need to switch sides to get balanced, stretched and flexible. You will benefit from this pose almost immediately due to its ability to open up your entire hip on each side. You may notice some difference from left to right. One side may open up much easier than the other, and that is the way it is in yoga; you are where you are at in this moment in time.

When you begin to move deeper into pigeon, start out slow; moving you head toward the floor and gently placing a block down on the floor for your hip and your head if you need to be a bit higher in the pose.

Resolve to be in your new Meditative Yoga Poses for 3-5 minutes, building up as you increase your strength, flexibility and ability to breathe through your poses to get you deeper and calmer.

Stress becomes a thing of the past as you float through a deep practice of yin yoga.

Start out slowly with your new Yin Meditative Practice and you will become more in touch with your inner self; that spirit that wants to come out and say; ” Stay calm and centered and you will reap the benefits in your mind, body and soul.”




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