Feeling like fall

I watched as they talked about the weather. Something is good about clearing out your thoughts and focusing on something simple, but hard to predict like sunshine in New York.

Look up and see the wonders of a blue sky with the contrasting oranges and yellows of autumn

Look up and see the wonders of a blue sky with the contrasting oranges and yellows of autumn

“We wait, said Sady as she spoke on the first snow storm last year. “Yes, said Krisy, we need to be okay with it before it happens.”

They spoke on the tragedy of snowfall while I thought of it as a beautiful scene as each snow flake gently dropped its softness onto the tree branches that turned white.





What to do?
They continued the chatter on different aspects of what to do in the winter besides hibernate as one woman named Terry spoke on how she never goes outdoors in the winter.
I did not add to the conversation but thought about what they were saying and became restless for a walk or a bike ride.
They sat, still chattering as I continued on my way thinking that I better get out there before the bad weather, but my next thought was that I did not care if the bad weather decides to come our way because I love every day just the way it is.

The unpredictable way that the seasons change and the challenges of living day to day, finding ways to embrace each change that comes my way in life.

Getting outdoors

Do not let the threat of bad weather stop you from experiencing life.
If you feel a bit depressed about the upcoming changes of seasons, get outdoors now to breathe in the autumn air.
It smells like clovers to me.

Staying in the present moment

And I breathe it in deeply, wondering what will come next, and I will be glad for just another breath on this earth without the worry of things to come.

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