Lifting Your Mood

Create some wonder in your life today by doing something special. It does not have to be special to others, just something that makes you feel good inside.

Exercise Needs To Be Part Of Your Day

Exercise Needs To Be Part Of Your Day

In the summertime, my favorite special moments are on my bike, watching nature and talking to people. This special time comes alive to me. It may not be special to you or anyone else, just me.

Even on gloomy days, you should take a walk, the sun does not have to always be shining but it is nice when it does.

Find ways to comfort yourself on the days that you have trouble with your mood. Your emotions and your mood may not always be in your control so go with the sadness for awhile but then come back again with some soft music, gentle care of yourself, and maybe some comfort foods that give you some energy. I try nuts first because just a few seem to give me enough protein in my body to lift my mood.



Take some time to doodle. It really helps with wellness in mind, body and spirit

Take some time to doodle. It really helps with wellness in mind, body and spirit



Is it just moodiness or more severe?

For severe depression you may need to seek out some counseling; talk therapy can be uplifting, allowing you to speak about different ways to combat your mood and emotions. I find that writing and taking photos helps the most. Years ago it used to be drawing and painting. Your mode of operation related to what makes you feel better may change over the years.



The doodle effect cannot be overstated! Taking some time in your day to draw, doodle or paint something bright can make your day better.

And the finished product is for you to treasure.


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