Through the good and bad times

When you were first married it was all about staying power; through the good, bad and ugly of things you were supposed to stay together.

Maybe it is time to put everything into a barrel. The not so kind words, the anger, grief and pain can stay there, and you can get on with living life well

Maybe it is time to put everything into a barrel. The not so kind words, the anger, grief and pain can stay there, and you can get on with living life well

And as the days, weeks, months and years past, it becomes something else for some people. Some people becoming old shoes that are counted on but not taken care of. Some of us aware that the relationship needs tending but unable for some reason to take that first step; or tried but gave up on mending things.
I like the middle; the part where the better or worse begins because it takes about 7 years for the division to begin, and another 7 to put it back together. So if left untended most relationships slowly or with speed end.

Special times

Create some special times in your relationship. Count on each other to be there and thank each other when they help you. Do not fall in to the trap of forgetting how important your partner is to you being whole; mind, body and spiritual wholeness includes someone to go down the path with in peace and harmony not discontent and anger.

Mending Ways

If you have something left of your relationship such as caring for that special person, it is time to begin fighting for it to last, and making sure the first 10 are work years; where you purposefully are kind to each other with special gifting and special ways. And I do not mean that you have to spend a lot of money; gifting can be small things like a single flower or a candy bar that someone likes. Other special ways include doing things together such as movie night or going out to dinner, or both, and this should be a real date where you get dressed up and pretend it is the first date.

Falling in Love

Because falling in love has led you down this path, find ways to fall in love with your partner again by remembering and talking about your first date and how excited you were.

Remembering how your first year together was full of fun, wonder times and harmony. Find creative ways to bring back that harmony in your life where you appreciate each other. That is true love.

Keeping the Balance

Know that everyone needs their alone time too. Alone time, and time with friends and family can be welcome in a solid relationship. Having and keeping friendships outside of your loving relationship is important to the balance in living.

Do not fret if your partner has more things happening in life then you do. Create some of your own special times with friends and family that also needs quality time to keep it fresh and loving.





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