There is a little green in everything

When the weather is warm and everything is sunny it is easy to get in touch with nature, but if you live in an area as I do where there are many changes in the blink of an eye, then you have to change your attitude, mood and hopefulness almost daily.

Daisies are everywhere; they grow wild and you can tend to them in your garden too. The perfect flower with its bright yellow center

Daisies are everywhere; they grow wild and you can tend to them in your garden too. The perfect flower with its bright yellow center

I am not sure I would like to live somewhere where is was nice all the time because I would not have to work very hard to put a smile on my face.

We need to struggle and see that there is a little green in everything. In the winter months I have to look closer at nature to see the greens poking through because nature itself struggles to grow, flourish and survive in a cold world.

Whenever I think about the simple daisy I think of how simple it is to stay on the positive side of life.

All you have to do is pick one of those daisies and give it to someone, and this gesture will put a smile on someone else’s face. And this traveling of positive energy will continues because we are all connected to each other in many ways.


Finding your way to a more positive you


Seeing the green in things is my way to bring a positive moment to my life.

And in the summertime there is so much of it; I am excited just to get outdoors and breathe it in. Breathing in green and yellows helps me to center and balance myself for the day.

In Buddhism, vernal green is the color of life, and in Christianity, vernal green is the color of immortality and hope; the growth of the Holy Spirit in man,  the triumph over death, and the emergence of spring over the coldness of a long winter.


And Yellow is also considered sacred; linked with divinity and the color for the feast days of confessors.


And finally, your blue sky!

Soak in the blue by looking up and gazing daily. Blue is the color of the heavens and the water below. Sky blue is the color given to the Great Mother, known in many religions as the Queen of Heaven.

Your Special Healing Ways

Find your healing ways in colors; wearing special colors to increase your energy and  ( yellow, orange, reds), wearing blues and purples for a more calming you.

Color therapy breathing: Taken in part from: Wills, P (1993) Colour Therapy: The Use of Colour for Health and Healing. Rockport, MA. Element.


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