On the Positive Side

I feel like I have to work at being positive.

Where are you on the positive scale?

Watching water and its reflective qualities helps me to harmonize myself for the day. Just a short walk on a sunny day can bring about a mood change for the better.

Life is multicolored; bits of yellow, oranges and grays come in and out of your life

Life is multicolored; bits of yellow, oranges and grays come in and out of your life

Optimism does not come naturally to me like it does for some.

I tend to fall into down moods on occasion and have to watch myself or I stay with it.
One of my favorite things to do when I am in a low mood is listen to music.

It does not have to be anything in particular; I enjoy all kinds. When I turn on the radio I automatically tap my foot or sing along, and singing out loud is another way to bring out that happy you.
So put on your happy face with some music and dance. Random movements are all that you need- and you do not have to be a good singer, especially if there is no one around to complain.


Spirit is all around you, finding its way into your body to energize you for the day. Feel the energy in your body circulating while you walk, run and play.


Playing is not just for children. Have your playful activities scheduled outdoors and indoors. My favorite indoor play is making things. Cooking can be a playful activity that you can have fun with; making up some recipes for a healthier you.

And think of play as an essential ingredient of your day; being playful and active helps release those endorphins that you need for a healthy day in mind, body and spirit.

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