Feeling the warmth of sunshine on my shoulders

Sunshiny Days



When I want a pick me up on a cloudy day, I walk in silence. It centers and balances me for the day

When I want a pick me up on a cloudy day, I walk in silence. It centers and balances me for the day


Do not let a day pass where you have not spent some of it in the warmth of sunlight. Being outdoors is so very healing that you really need to do it every single day of your life. The sunshine picks  you up; preventing depression and helping with mood changes. I know that when I do not get enough sunlight in the winter time, I feel slowed down and even sad, and a good pick me up is my mood light along with a telephone call to a friend who is an upbeat person. Just being around people who are positive can lift your mood.

As you age

And do not fret about aging; it is just another avenue of life that we all have to walk down, and just like flowers we are strong and flexible but wither at the end of the season of life.

And that is the way life is. You can slow down some of the decline with good food, exercise and healthy relationships, but it is still there because no one can live forever.

Daily Beauty

So feel your daily sunshine, through your window glancing at the beauty, or with a long walk down your favorite daily path.

The warmth covers your shoulders with spirit; energizing you and putting a wonderful smile onto your face as you walk in peaceful steps toward your destiny.

And when it is raining or snowing and the sun is covered with clouds; make your own sunshine by calling on a special friend to walk with you even if it is not a nice day; sharing your internal sunshine with others.




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