Every thought, every action impacts the entire planet

Be loving today because every action generates a flow of the same throughout the universe!

Just purple flowers but they send their scent everywhere; passing the pleasure along

Just purple flowers but they send their scent everywhere; passing the pleasure along

We are all connected, and peacefulness, unconditional love, gratitude, compassion for others and happiness connect to each person that you meet.
Whatever energy that is inside of you comes out and moves toward the next person that you meet.
This energy and strength transforms into another person and moves throughout the planet; circulating whatever you are emulating in life.



Peace and Love
If you are peaceful, others around you  will be the same.
If you have unconditional love for others and truly accept and love  no matter what the consequences or difficulties; others will take a look at what you are doing and follow you, and they will begin to heal with their love.

If you show gratitude to others by your actions and deeds; this will generate a passionate wave of gratitude throughout the world like a stream of loving, scented purple flowers.
And if you are compassionate; helping others who need assistance and helping those who do not; others will pay this compassion forward with happiness and love circulating forever.

Impacting the Universe Concept: Taken from Reiki, A Way of Life ( 1999). Nederland, Colorado, Synchronicity Publishing

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