When you like yourself, others do too

Did you ever notice that people pick on insecure people, and respect confidence?

You don't have to be an alligator to get people to listen to you. Stand up for yourself, strong and centered.

You don’t have to be an alligator to get people to listen to you. Stand up for yourself, strong and centered.

A good example is a self-confident person who stands up tall and centered.

People respect confidence. And if you run into someone who does not respect you, check on yourself.

Are you portraying the self-esteem necessary to gain respect from the person?

Do you make firm, confident decisions, or are you unsure of yourself?

If you do not want someone to bully you around, especially at a new job, fake some self-esteem until you build yours up; you can make the changes you need to make with a few steps.


1. Stand tall, straight, with shoulders up and back. When sitting, be aware, and do not slouch forward, always keep your back straight.

2.  Dress confidently. Clothing is important, and dressing for success is a way to have people take a look at you. Even if your job is a lower level job, if you dress for success, just a little better than your peers, you will stand out and be respected.

3.  Hair Style. A professional haircut is worth its weight in gold. Whether you are a man or woman, you need to be well groomed. No strange hair colors, or modern shaved cuts. No one respects weirdness.

4. Be a good listener. Listen to others, make eye contact, nod and talk slowly and distinctly; people will then listen to what you have to say.

5. Work on loving yourself. Be there for you. Do not put yourself down. Speak confidently about yourself to others.

6. Practice confidence. Stand in front of a mirror and speak out-loud confidently. Build your self-worth by practicing what you need to say in order to gain respect from others.


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