Every Day Is a Miracle

Snow storms are like miracles as they play out. Especially when we are left with such beauty.

Snow storms are like miracles as they play out. Especially when we are left with such beauty.


I am a believer in miracles because they do happen every day.

Today, I heard a bell, looked all over and did not find anything jingling. ” It must have been mom,” I said to myself with a smile.
Death has touched my life recently, and it will continue to be this way as I age with the constant reminder that we are all mortal. My first significant death was my nana, years ago. She had me buy a clock before she died so that I would be reminded of her when I look at it. And I am reminded. She was a strong lady who weathered many a storm in her life.

Bells are Ringing
With my mom it is bells.

A close friend of mine gave me some Karmic bells to jingle every now and then for mom.
I was with my mom as she passed. She was peaceful. Her last breath was calm with a long “ah” breath as if she was settling down for a long rest.
I believe in miracles and synchronicity. Everything in life and death unfolds as it should.

Follow your path of enlightenment by remembering that everything in life is beautiful. Have gratitude for everything because this will enlighten and heal your soul.

Be one with nature. Take awe in the beauty of a tree with its strong branches. Stand in meditation like a tree, finding strength in your pose.

Love life, connect with others, heal yourself and others by sending them love, peace and caring.

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  1. doris says:

    All of our days are numbered in life so we should live each day like it is our last.

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