Grief and Your Health

Do not grieve too hard or too long, it can affect your health.

You may not notice it right away because it can be a subtle illness that may seem just annoying such as a headache, ear infection or cold.
But when your immune system is down, you have to be extra careful about your health.

While you cannot speed up the grieving process, you can protect yourself by being well aware that you can become ill.  Try some preventive methods such as getting lots of fresh air, exercising, taking some supplements, eating better. All of these ideas can help you stay healthier. Socializing with friends and family can also help you. Spending time talking about the person who died, reminiscing on some quality times can really help.

Researching some grieving groups in the community can help too. Spending time with others who have had the same thing happen can be very supportive and aid in the healing process.

There is much research on the topic of  Lost Love

Many people as they age become so attached to loved ones that they can die of a broken heart after losing someone.

To protect yourself from this happening to you, you may need to begin planning your own life without your loved one. The first step may be to experience some things on your own.  Many couples do not have their own lives. Their life is tied too closely to their spouse, and they do not want to focus on the future, and how to cope.

Some people may not agree with this philosophy,  and because of their strong attachments that has been in place for so very long, they do not want to even think about themselves and how they will live out the rest of their life without their loved one.

And when it happens, they are so devastated that they cannot cope with living themselves.

Be a light  upon yourself, and find ways to cope through losses with comfort from friends and family. Get out of your comfort zone and help others who may also have difficulty with their losses.

Being close to another human being is a wonderful experience but we also need some separateness in our lives

Being close to another human being is a wonderful experience but we also need some separateness in our lives


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