Summer Blues

Sometimes we need something extra to help us get through the day. Something extra could be an extra walk to the park! When I am feeling down, I pick it up with the exercise routine. Adding something to my usual day. This seems to help with the down times. If that does not work, I also try adding some color to my day. Sometimes I just wear orange for a few days and that picks me up, or I wear some sparkling earrings or necklace or both.

Grow something in your garden of life.

Grow something in your garden of life.

Whatever it is that you do, do it with some spirit

Taking pictures is another way to come out of the funk. The colors and the beauty or nature can bring about a  really good rush of spirit~

When I went to the fair a few days ago, I did not forget to look at the greenery too. Many avid gardeners attribute their overall wellness to the time they spend tending to their garden.

It is not too late to begin gardening. Do it indoors. If you have a bright and sunny window, you can bring the sunshine into your life every single day.

My spirit sours when I see some bright green plants. I have to walk up to it and touch it to make sure it is real. Sometimes we may also have to pinch ourselves to wake up and see the beauty before us.

So find something in life that picks up your spirit that you can take out and tend to when you feel the need.


So much to see, and such beauty!

So much to see, and such beauty!

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