Inside and Outside

Make your roots strong and stable just like this tree, and you will have a healthier life.

Make your roots strong and stable just like this tree, and you will have a healthier life.


Looking and Feeling Good: Inside and outside!

There are many theories on how your exterior may not match up with your interior. You can probably remember someone who may not have looked ill, but inside there were some difficulties.

You are what you eat is an old adage that rings true in our society. Many people’s poor dietary habits and physical inactivity catch up to them later in life.

You can probably go on for years with high cholesterol or high blood pressure  and then all of a sudden you have a heart attack or stroke.

You seemed to be doing well, but maybe you had not seen your doctor in many years so you were unaware of your difficulties with your cholesterol or blood pressure  until it was too late.

Taking Action

Taking action means finding ways to prevent diseases that you may not be aware of that are caused by not taking care of yourself.

Beginning a new lifestyle plan may be just what you need for a healthier you.

1. Take care of your inside by eating healthier foods such as increasing the amount of dietary fiber in your diet, increasing fruits and vegetables along with decreasing greasy fried foods such as chicken wings! Or losing some of the red meat and sugar in your diet.

2. Taking care of your outside through exercise. Get out there and walk and after awhile you can walk faster and faster to get up your heart rate which helps your entire cardio system.

3. Internal Mind work: Beginning with today do some meditation, slow breathing techniques and maybe even some yoga or tai chi. Begin to see that you need to settle down. When you learn how to settle down and listen to your internal chatter, you can relax whenever you need to.

Taking my path toward a healthier life.

Taking my path toward a healthier life.

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