Breathe in and Breathe Out

Take a break and just gaze at the wonder of nature. It slows you down, and you can capture peace for the moment.

Take a break and just gaze at the wonder of nature. It slows you down, and you can capture peace for the moment.

Slow Down, you move too fast!

There is so much information on the fact that you can slow just about everything down just by learning how to breathe better. Slowing down the rhythm of your breath can be so very helpful in many situations.
When it comes to stressful times, just being able to gather yourself, still, quiet and centered can be so very helpful.
These easy breathing techniques should be taught to very young children, and may even prevent such ailments as asthma because one learns how to slow down the breath and stay calm even when your body may be saying otherwise. Placing ones hands at your heart center and placing some pressure on the breastbone has also been found to help slow down the breath.

Practicing a Simple Breathing Technique
Practice is the best way to start a breathing techniques. Breathe in through your nose for the count of 5, very slowly, and watch your belly bellow out. Next hold you breath for a second before exhaling for a count of 7, watching you stomach suck in. Do this a few times a day and you will notice the difference.

A Relaxation Mode
Laying down is the best way to practice. Laying on you back, hands are palms up on the side of your body. Legs spread out a bit with your feet moving outward. Put your hands on your belly and feel your  belly rise with each soft and slow breath.

And if you want a more special moment, put on some soft music while you practice your breathing.


If you have a stressful job, or feel stressed out, breathing practice can not only slow you down, it may save your life. With this new found ability to self- soothe, you will be calmer and more about to face the world and life’s daily difficulties.


Practice moment to moment mindfulness. You do not have to focus on the future happenings, or what has happened in the past. Be with your moment right now, without distractions. Allow the negative to just flow out of you, and embrace each positive moment in time.



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