Learning how to Understand Yourself

In spring it is time to be strong, flexible and balanced. Be like a tree and begin to strengthen your soul.

In spring it is time to be strong, flexible and balanced. Be like a tree and begin to strengthen your soul.



This is a good time of year to get in touch with what you are all about. When you say that you cannot understand others, you are probably seeing yourself in there too. We are reflections of what we see in others.
If you think about that, you will begin to see that what bothers you the most about someone else is something that needs attention in yourself.
How intuitive are you to what you need?
Do you ignore some of your desires in life?
If this is you, you may want to learn how to help yourself.
Begin by believing that there are 3 parts of you. Your mind, body and soul. You need to heal all of these areas in order to optimize your health and wellness.
Begin with your body: What kinds of tensions do you feel inside of you. Is your body stiff, tight or just plain hurts? You can become more flexible and feel less and less pain by doing both active and passive type exercises daily. ( active: walking and jogging and passive: yoga or tai chi).
Your healthy mind: Do you have a lot of anxiety and mental tension? You can heal your anxiety through such guides as meditation. When you heal your mind, your body will thank you too.
Daily, give your body and mind some direction. Tell yourself how beautiful and perfect you are. Invite health and wellness in to your mind. Take long walks, and enjoy your thoughts about yourself and how good you feel inside. Through self massage, take care of your body and it will take care of you.
Begin to feel grateful that you have a mind, body and soul that wants to join together and help you get through each day.
Take your spirit soaring through readings on spiritual guides each day. Write on the topic of your own personal experiences with spirituality and how good it feels to help and love others.

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