Is time on your side?

The reflections on the water remind me of the past, skipping stones and reflecting on life.

The reflections on the water remind me of the past, skipping stones and reflecting on life.



When I was a child my nana said that she wanted me to remember her long after she was gone. She had vision problems later in life but she was always very good with handling money. She would have her sister help her sort the different bills, folded in certain ways so that she know the difference between the fives, twenties and ones.

Then she placed rubber bands around each bundle of bills. She would open them, carefully counting.

On this particular day, nana said, ” I want you to always remember me, so I am giving you 65 dollars to buy the best clock you can find. Display it in your home for as long as you live, and every time you look at it, you will remember me.”

I have never forgotten my nana, and the clock still hangs on my wall. She has been gone many years, but the memory of her words about the time we have here on the Earth is important. Do not waste your “time” on things that do not have meaning in your life. Concentrate on what to do with your time that makes a difference to you and the people you help.

Last week I bought a clock as a wedding shower gift for my daughter, and I will give her the same instructions that my nana gave me. Remember me.

And remember that time seems to be on your side right now, but it goes by very fast. Before you know it, you are old. Try to saver things in life. Like the smell of a beautiful flower or the soft swaying of a tree branch when a robin perches on it.


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  1. linda kaczka says:

    Doris , have I ever told you haw much I enjoy your writings

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