Embracing Change


Spring is the most beautiful time of year. Full of wonderful changes.

Spring is the most beautiful time of year. Full of wonderful changes.

Embracing Change

Embracing change can mean letting go of something that you have been hanging onto for a long time. It may be a loss that you want to cling to because you think it will go away if you do not ponder on it every day.

Do not fear, it will not be lost, but you may need to put it in a place for safe keeping. Somewhere in your mind where you do not dwell on it as often. You may even want to physically write down what it is that you need to put away, and then put it somewhere for safe keeping.

Resistance to Change

When you need to change, that may be when you resist the most.

It may be overwhelming to you when there is something you know that you need to do, but cannot seem to do it.
The closer you get to the goal, the more you may resist taking those steps that  you know are needed in order to be successful.
Do you know what it is that you need to do in order to change? You may want to write down the steps toward your change goal.
Do you really want to change?   You may  stay in a painful relationship because it seems easier to stay rather than make a change.
Are you motivated to make the changes?  What motivates you? Are you feeling trapped in your life, unable to move?
Do you have someone to inspire you along the way?
These ingredients are very important. You need a cheer leader to help you. You need to be, and stay motivated throughout the entire process. You need the resiliency to stick with your plan, even when it becomes very difficult.

You may have to grieve you losses, even when they are bad things. When you break away, good or bad, you still need to give yourself time to adjust.

Life has its good and bad times. Some changes are good ones, and you welcome them. Others may be more challenging, and you struggle.

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