Doing what is right for you


The beauty of nature is right before your eyes. Take time to view it, smell it and feel nature inside of yourself.

The beauty of nature is right before your eyes. Take time to view it, smell it and feel nature inside of yourself.



Feeling good inside and outside

When you set goals and do the things that are good for you, you will begin to feel good on the inside and outside.
Goals with deadlines specific to you are what is needed for attainment. They goals also have to be realistic.

Weight loss goals

If weight loss is your goal, set small weekly mini goals to get to the larger ones.
I find that if I plan it well, my goals become attainable and long lasting.


Career goals
Other plans that you may have include a career goal. We go through life believing that we will find that perfect job or career, and when it does not happen we are disappointed and less likely to try again.
It is a fact that most people go through at least 3-4 different careers!

You can start off in one direction and end up in another!
I found that most of my career steps are related to one another. But when you find a job or career that you really enjoy with a passion, you will know that it is a good fit for you. Even when it is a good fit, many people go on to pursue other avenues in life because they can! It can be exciting to be able to try out different careers.
Even when you find the perfect job, you may want to try something out that is new and exciting.
Remember that doing what is right for you can apply to every aspect of your being including your mind, body and spirit.
The physical side: I know that when I feel out of sorts a good exercise routine helps me get in touch with myself. Be well aware of your physical being and how it too needs nourishment each day.
The spiritual Side: Nourish your soul with some daily thought provoking literature. Speak on the positive aspects of nature and our environment. How important is a clean, healthy environment to you?
Find ways to help nature and our environment by preserving energy. Take a bike instead of a car to the grocery store. Buy some saddle bags for your bike and you will find how amazing it is to save the Earth.

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