Troubled Times



Optimism is a skill you need to develop

Sometimes it appears dark, but sunny skies are just around the corner, so keep moving.

Sometimes it appears dark, but sunny skies are just around the corner, so keep moving.

It is so difficult to be optimistic in troubled times. When there are so many terrible things happening in the world, we may wonder why they happen.
There is always sunshine in sad times. The thing to concentrate on is how you are living right now.
Do you have people in your life that you are angry with, or hold a continuing grudge with? If this is you, you may want to be rid of that feeling. I find that my experiences with mindfulness helps me to rid myself of those painful feelings. They surface every once in awhile, but meditating daily helps me see in a balanced way.

Finding your Way 
Life is short, even if you live to be 100, your life is just a blink of an eye when you consider the vast Universe and our time as humans on this Earth. Before death, finding a balance and center that is filled with beautiful moments, one after another is a good goal. Finding yourself through some deep thought, writing things down and discussions with others on the many possibilities is a good start.

Find your peace with nature and your inner soul
Get up today and take a long walk, gazing at what is before you. Feel the sun and the breeze on your face, hear the birds sing together and understand that all living things everywhere are in this moment with you.

Care for someone today. Give a gift of love. Give a physical gift of a flower or card. Do not let this day pass without giving something to someone.

Give something of yourself every single day of your life.

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