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Our spring weather will be here soon, and with that we will not only see the wonderful colors, but we will begin to feel the warmth.

Our spring weather will be here soon, and with that we will not only see the wonderful colors, but we will begin to feel the warmth.




My goal this month is to meditate each day. It is a large goal for me to accomplish, and I persist, even when the meditation is not going well.

I have help. I am in the Deepak and Oprah online meditation challenge and I have my students during my 2 days a week at yoga class. They want to learn how to meditate too, so they are trying daily.

With some things, when you try too hard at something, you fail. With both yoga and meditation, you are where ever you are at. Too hard, too soft, too slow, too fast. It just does not matter. You pick up again where you left off. You discover new ways to get in touch with your inner self.

It just does not matter because you can always practice again tomorrow. Sometimes during yoga practice I find that I have some aches and pains afterwards just like my active exercises. Therefore, sometimes I have to back off of a yoga pose if I feel pain or shaking persists in the pose. A warm sauna or bath can help with the soreness of a good workout.

The pose of life

The pose of life is staying with something that works for you. If yoga is not your cup of tea, try some other types of exercise. You can practice parts of yoga such as the breath. This has helped me in so many ways throughout my life. When I am in pain ( physical, mental and/or emotional) I center myself, take a deep breath, put my hands at my heart center and just breathe for a few moments trying to slow it down a notch.

Sometimes I can stay in a pose for an extended length of time without any consequences and this I call- A good day~

You are where ever you are… you go with the flow of the river… In whatever you do, wherever you go, stay with your inner being and you will be successful in the pose of life.

Accepting Changes in your body, mind and soul

We have to eventually accept that we are no longer young. And that too is good. Those mild changes in our ability to sustain during active as well as passive exercise is the flow of things. There will always be a place for your inner self. You can accept those changes, but it does not mean that you have to give up. Just modify.


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