What Helps With Happiness?

Bright colors can help with your mood. Surround yourself with colorful things, and you will feel energized!

Bright colors can help with your mood. Surround yourself with colorful things, and you will feel energized!



On Being Happy…

When I think about going through life, I want to believe that most of it has been happy. But on a day-to -day basis, am I really happy about where I am and what I am doing with myself?

In an article from Good Housekeeping, June 2012, author Gretchen Rubin gives some advice that can be helpful in the long run.

1. Get out into the sunlight. This is my favorite. I believe that rain, snow, ice, warm, cold, hot, we should all get some fresh air and sunshine daily.

2. Walk briskly every day. A good clip to your walk can give you the cardio you need to stay healthy and well. Do your walking in 20 minute intervals, 3 times a day if possible. I believe that you need to walk as many times as you eat! So 3 meals means 3 walks. And if you sneak in some snacking, you may need more! ( this may help you to stop snacking so much). In the winter, it is really important to curtail the snacks, or limit them to light eating such as air popped popcorn, and snack veggies such as baby carrots and celery without the dip!

3. Act like you have a lot of energy! If you pretend to be full of energy, your body will begin to believe it. The power of this positive energy is important to your overall happiness. People begin to see you as energized and full of positive life. They will begin to seek you out.

4. Put some Music into your life! Music just makes you feel better. Listen to some stimulating music and you will feel more energized and happy. This mood enhancing activity really helps lift your spirit.

5. Be with energy people: This one is the best of all. When you surround yourself with people of  like minds, it rubs off.  Energy people really like to get out and do things that are fun. This really helps with daily happiness. Having fun and stimulating things to do really helps with happiness.

Taken in part from: The good advice happiness project. Good Housekeeping. June 2012.

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