Pick yourself up with some color: Green and Magenta

Winter pine. It is so amazing. The only tree that I know that blooms all year. The smell of pine up close is wonderful

Winter pine. It is so amazing. The only tree that  blooms all year. The smell of pine up close is wonderful



In the winter months struggling with your weight is a very common problem. Why can’t we fix it? You can if you keep close tabs on what goes in and what goes out. And it might mean that you eat less in the winter months, or exercise more.

If you are like me, you will probably exercise more. But if not, you better start counting those calories because it is important to weight maintenance in the colder months.

Pick yourself up with color to brighten your day.

It may also brighten other people’s day too!!


Have some happy colors on to spark your interest and mood. Have those colors around you, wear them, hang them up around the house. Create them. Get some material of artistic blends and hang them up. Make colorful curtains for the winter.

The color green

There are so many shades of green that are tantalizing.

I love the deeper greens mixed with yellows and blues.

I believe that colors are important to our mood. In the book Color Therapy. The Use of Color for Health and Healing, author Pauline Wills talks about the color green.

Green is important because it is the color of balance. In the winter we need to balance ourselves in mind, body and spirit. Green has the power to bring the negative and positive energies of our bodies into balance.

For healing purposes, green is the complementary color of magenta which has many healing qualities and has been used to help in healing tumors.


Helps us to let go on a physical and mental level. It helps us to love with the energies of living and no longer have to be forced by routines and patterns in our lives.

Magenta signifies letting go of feelings which are no longer relevant in our lives. For example, maybe you are still hanging on to a relationship which you have outgrown, or you continue to relive a situation from the past. The color magenta can help your spirit to heal.

There are many avenues of healing. Color can be very therapeutic, especially to your mental state. Healthy eating can help you to feel physically better and exercise can rejuvenate your body and soul.


Taken in part from: Wills, P. (1994) Color Therapy. The Use of Color for Health and Healing. Rockport, MA. Element Publishing.

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