Everyone has a favorite time of year, and mine is fall. I take more pictures during this time of year because I believe that Color Therapy is enlightening to the spirit.

When you mind and soul see all of the colors surrounding you, they smile.

Thinking about the colors and smells of fall, along with the crunching of the leaves under your feet can make your day special. Take a look at some of the scenes that I took this week:

I need to enjoy life. You do too.

Be accepting of the changes of the seasons, and remember that it is also a good time to make some of your own changes that may help you to deal with the upcoming winter months. Set some new goals, take some chances in life

Here they are, the multi-colored leaves waiting for you!

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  1. Judy Gilman says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Our colors are subdued this year due to several weeks of smoke from forest fires.

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