Trying to stay positive and Dance through Life

Watch people in their grace and glory. And become the kind of person you would like to be around.



It is a challenge to be positive all the time.  Maybe we should just challenge ourselves to a few hours a day. That is a beginning. Work up to being healthier in mind by being with the cup half full at least part of the time.

Life, in all its drudgery is still good.

People want to live and love, but they complain too much!

If we would just step back and look at ourselves and others closely, we would probably change our attitude and begin to believe that we are only on this earth for a very short time, so we should be happy~ or at least try to be happy with ourselves and others. Stop judging for just one day. Stop complaining for just an hour! Try to say at least one positive thing to someone today. Make it a goal to do it every day. Kindness is definitely contagious. If you are a kind person, it comes back to you in many ways.


Stay away from negative people, and hang out around people with positive vibes.

1. Manage your life better: Self management is the difference between living a life full of purpose and living our years frustrated and incomplete.

2. Remember that your biggest adversity is your own thinking about things. It is our own self-portrait that keeps us from being who we would like to be.

3. You are everything that you choose to be, and the includes the good, bad and ugly.

Taken in part from: Helmstetter, S. ( 1986) What to Say When You Talk to Yourself. Scottsdale, AZ. Grindle Trees.

Spend time with people who are having fun. Listen to some good music and always choose to dance! Dancing can free you of all your worries.


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  1. Sue Holler says:

    Thanks Doris what a good message!

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