The Past

Am I an old relic of sorts? If I am, it is a good thing. People grow, change and become better at life. Look at this old barn, it is beautiful, even though it is worn and falling apart!

When I reminisce on the past, sometimes it is with others. Today it brought some tears to my eyes when I was talking about the past. We hang on to things, good and bad. I have mostly good memories, especially the ones when my children were young and we spent a lot of time together. One very  clear memory is one when we were traveling across the country. I did not realize then that it would probably be the only time that I would ever take a trip as lengthy as from New York to California. It was a 3 week trip, and when we left, we took the long way, northern route so that we could see different parts of the country. On the way back, we found the south route very different when it came to scenery.




Why do we need to think about the past?

I believe that sometimes we try not to think about our past because it may be painful. But even with the pain, memories can be helpful to our mental health and overall wellness.

Reminiscing can help you to center and balance yourself for your future happenings. We need experience to do better the next time. Practicing makes perfect.  For new life events, concentrating on what you did in the past may be helpful and can also stop you from making the same mistakes again.

I feel better after a good cry sometimes. When I think back to those times in my past it brings some tears but also very happy times with my family and friends.

So how has my past helped me with my present?

When I look back at all the wonderful things that have happened to me, I find that life is good. Even with the good, bad and ugly of things, I have come out a bit tarnished but not broken.

When I try new things, I take a look at how I would have handled it in the past. The many experiences of my past help me to make better decisions today.


My pieces of life, just like the broken pieces of the barn, are still golden. And as I age, I will continue to look at my past with some tears, but also with some laughter.


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  1. Brittany Buie says:

    I completely agree with this article. Its the people who have tormented with grief that I know benefit the most. That is if you take your grief like its a lesson and not a punishment. Of course any type of lost loved one is devistating, but if that relationship was holding you back from your higher purpose in life then maybe it was for the best. I truly believe our lives are in Gods hands, and that he does not allow horrible things to happen, he just lets people live with their free will, their choice to kill or love, cherish or destroy. God comforts the weary, all people have to do is believe.

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