Letting the sunshine into your life

When I was a teen, the songs of the 60s were amazing but I never really thought much about them until I was older. One of my favorites by The Fifth Dimension called Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In is  such a positive way to think about things that I thought everyone should listen to it, especially when feeling down.

I do not think there is anyone out there that has not experienced some sort of depression. Whether it is related to a situation or just something that you may have inherited from late aunt Millie, it is real and painful.

Some of the things that I have found that helps when feeling down:

1. Take a long walk. Walking really takes care of a lot of things in life. You get to think, meditate and get some exercise along with fresh air.

2. Listen to music that sparks your soul. The 60-70s rock songs really help me to get in touch with my sunshine.

3. Write. Writing down things about your day or your life! This is something to look back on and remember when…

4. Go for some counseling to help you with your sadness if it does not go away. We all have times when we need help. This is one of them.

Letting the Sunshine in

Let the sun shine into your life daily. Put a smile on your face, even if it is just pretending because when you act the part, it becomes real!

Losses and grief will always be in your life at some point making it difficult for the kind of positiveness you may need in order to be happy.

You  need to keep trying to let things happen as they are supposed to unfold, and stop directing things!

The universe unfolds as it should.  things happen as they are supposed to.

So be  gentle with yourself.

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  1. Brittany Buie says:

    Depression is that ultimate doomsday feeling one gets when they feel totally useless to any other person in the world. An emotion so dangerous should be dealt with carefully. In my experience one should never tell a depressed individual everything is going to be ok, because in real life sometimes its not ok. Sometimes a brother/sister …..husband/wife passes away way too early and that person does not begin to know how to cope. In this type of situation only offer affection, support and promises you intend to keep to make the situation better any way you can.

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