>Commitment to Make Changes

>There are many goals that you can make in life.
My favorite and most persistent goal is to lose and keep off weight.
I have struggled most of my life, and remain at a reasonable weight, but still strive
for a few more pounds.
I decided that a list of why I still want to lose weight may be
helpful in my quest toward health and wellness.
I hope that sharing this may help others:

Ten reasons why I would like to lose weight:
1. For better health and overall wellness
2. To fit into my smaller sized clothes
3. To prevent myself from getting diabetes
4. To lower my blood pressure
5. So that I can try different types of exercise that may be
too strenuous right now.
6. To be able to look in the mirror and say! Wow, I look great!
7. To set a good example for others, so they too become motivated to make
positive changes in life.
8. Losing weight will give me more self-confidence.
9. I will probably live a longer and healthier life
10. Taking betterĀ care of myself will help me to be more positive about life in general.

Making changes in life is important.
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