>Life can be Simple

>It seems that many of us believe that we need to make more money, see more places, go out every day and live like you are dying. They even made a song about it. I believe that simplifying life may be better. We need to see things the way they are and take pleasure in the things that we enjoy doing. I enjoy writing. I do it every day of my life. It is probably the single most constant in my life, and it helps other people. When you read this, you may or may not get anything out of it, but if you do, it may help you to decrease your stress in life.
When you simplify things, it gets easier to live life.
It even becomes more pleasurable.
The things that cost the least give us pleasure in life. Like a walk through the snow!! It can be enlightening. When you live in an area where there are changes in the seasons, you are blessed with seeing the beauty.
Here is today in Hamburg, New York:

Beauty Weeds!
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