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There are new supplements on the market, and coconut water has become popular. Coconut water is 94% water and fairly low in calories.
It is a good source of vitamin B and potassium. It contains electrolytes, various plant hormones, enzymes and amino acids.
Research has suggested that drinking coconut water  is associated with a lower rate of heart attacks. Another study found that is significantly lowered systolic blood pressure in 71% of people with hypertension.
Coconut water has been used as a way to rehydrate after exercise or illness.
It has also been used as an emergency substitute for IV solutions.
Side Effects: Coconut water has not been well-studied, but there seems to be no evidence that poses side effects. Like other fruit juices, it seems very safe.
Interactions: There are no known interactions, but check with your MD before starting coconut water to adjust your treatments.
Taken in part from: The Top 50 Supplements. Medline 2011.

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